GIT Essentials

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GIT Essentials


From an esoteric Version Control System system developed by and for the Linux Kernel community, to the most dominant Version Control System on the planet in 10 years – Git requires no  introduction. However, hearing about git, and using it effectively in a team, across teams, and most importantly recovering from severe errors – requires discipline, deep understanding of Git internals, and proper training.
This course will tie the knots, and make git both a life saver and a friend, rather than a tool you are forced to use and intimidated by.


Target Audience:
Software developers, testers, integrators, application support engineers


Course Topics

Version Control Systems – Overview

Motivation for Version Control Systems (VCS)
Basic operations and terminology
Centralized Version Control Systems (CVCS)
Centralized vs. Decentralized solutions

Git overview:

Installation and setup (Linux, Windows, OSX)
Local and remote configuration
IDE integration

Git user essentials:

Creating a Git repository on a shared server (git init)
Managing access control
Cloning a remote repository (git clone)
Adding files to a local Git repository (git add)
Checking for status of files in a local Git repository (git status)
Committing files to a local Git repository (git commit)
Pushing changes in a local git repository to a remote Git repository (git push)
Pulling files from a remote Git repository (git pull)
Looking at commit logs/history (git log)
Looking at file changes (git diff)
Merging files and dealing with conflicts (on git pull)
Moving and renaming files (git mv)
Deleting files (git rm)
Reverting files to their previous state (git checkout)
Tagging files (git tag)
Creating using branches (git checkout -b branch)
Fetching branches (git fetch)
Merging files across branches (git merge)
Dealing with conflicts on merge

Git internals and plumbing commands:

Understanding git structure
Low level plumbing commands
Recovering from user made disasters

Git repository administration and Continuous Integration strategy:

Bare repositories (git init –bare)
Git branch strategies, best practices
Git hooks
Multi-project git
Git code review mechanisms
Continuous Integration strategy
Multi project git

Detailed Course Outline

GIT Essentials detailed syllabus

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