GIT Essential Training 

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GIT Essential Training 


Git is a modern, distributed and the most popular open-source version control software, to manage changes to source code and text files. Using a step-by-step training, you will go through the commands that enable effective code management and understand the key concepts behind distributed version control systems and the Git architecture. Git most often doesn’t come easy for developers to learn and understand, and though adopting Git is the right move for a company, it usually comes with a bit of a painful learning curve on the developers part, resulting in using a very minimal subset of Git’s capability.

This course is designed to give the developer a full perspective and a strong practical grasp of Git’s capabilities to be able to use it fully in everyday life & ship code with confidence.

Why should you learn Git
  • Git is a must have skill for any developer and have become an industry standard
  • Git is distributed, so everyone can create and revert commits, even if they’re disconnected from the Internet

Some programming skills are assumed but not required

Course Topics

Git Overview:

Understanding version control
The history of Git
About distributed version control

Getting Started:

Setting up a repository
Saving changes
Inspecting a repository
Ignoring files

Going back in time:

Viewing old commits
Undoing Changes
Rewriting history


Making a Pull Request
Using Branches
Resolving conflicts

Team Workflows:

Centralized Workflow
Feature Branch Workflow
Gitflow Workflow
Forking Workflow

Advanced Tips:

Merging vs. Rebasing
Reset, Checkout, and Revert
Stashing changes for later
Git Hooks
Deploy with ease to different environments

Wrapping up:

Resources & references
Next steps

Detailed Outline

Git Essential Training detailed syllabus

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