Full Stack ES6 with Babel 

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Full Stack ES6 with Babel 


JavaScript came a long way since it was first created in May 1995 by Brendan Eich (in 10 days!). At this point in time there is no doubt about it, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world.

The latest version of the language, ECMAScript 6 (or ES6 for short) was recently finalized, and it brings a lot of long awaited improvements for developers. Many features existing in other languages will now become available, and many existing ones were revisited & improved. As always, it will take some time before all the browsers and JS runtimes will implement the ES6 standard, but fortunately we can start writing code in it today. Our motivation in doing so is clear. This standard is being implemented rapidly and is more productive. Once it is fully implemented the code you write today will run natively tomorrow, and by then you will be already up & running with the latest standard skill already under your belt.

In this workshop you will write full-stack ES6 today. We’ll use Babel, along with other build tools like Browserify and Gulp, to transpile our ES6 into standard compliant ES5, which is supported by all browsers.

Why should you learn ES6 today
  • ES6 standard is approved and is now an existing fact
  • Implementation by all browsers & JS runtimes is in motion
  • The whole industry is moving towards ES6 no matter which JS library or web framework you will be using
  • Soon enough ES6 will be required from every web developer
  • Unlike other preprocessed languages that transpile to JavaScript like Dart, TypeScript or CoffeeScript – Code written in ES6 today using Babel will run natively tomorrow
  • Babel has the most ES6 features covered than any other transpiler or runtime

Working knowledge in JavaScript

Course Topics


JavaScript – state of the art
Project setup: Hello World

Automate build workflow:

Introducing Gulp
Minify, Uglify & Concat
Watch files

ECMAScript 6:

Variables & scope
Template Strings
Getters & Setters
Arrow functions

Wrapping up:

Resources & references
Next steps

Detailed Outline

Full Stack ES6 with Babel detailed syllabus

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