Docker Training

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Docker Training


Learn how to harness the power of Docker in your development process. Easily run a mirror of your production environment on your machine for quick development and testing.

In this two days Docker and docker-compose workshop we’ll work on a simple project combining application, database, monitoring & alerting. The focus is on using docker and not writing a code project.

Docker Syllabus

Day 1 – Docker for Developers
Goals: Teach the basics of working with Docker and docker compose.

  • Docker overview
    − Images
    − Containers
  • Installing docker and docker-compose
  • Pulling images (docker pull)
  • Running images (docker run)
  • Connecting to running images (docker exec)
  • Exposing volumes and ports
  • Inspecting system (docker ps, docker status)
  • Using docker-compose to connect containers

Day 2 – Deployment
Goals: Deploy our project to AWS.

  • Getting access to AWS
    − What’s EC2?
    − Docker related services such as: ECS and ECR
    − awscli
  • Creating docker registry
  • Pushing images to registry
  • Spinning a docker host instance – EC2 vs. ECS vs. EBT (vs. Docker Machine ?)
  • Deploying our project Manually (SSH and running docker-compose flow)
  • Deploying our project Automation (Ansible)

Target Audience:
Developers, Operators and DevOps Engineers.

Knowledge of command line and some programming experience is required.

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