DevOps Engineering

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DevOps Engineering


DevOps is a methodology of delivering software solutions in a continuous manner based on lean and agile practices. DevOps is a cross-team software delivery model that tries to promote collaboration among all stakeholders.
DevOps Engineer course introduces the core DevOps concepts and principles as well as the ways to get started the DevOps practice in your organization. Upon completion of this training course, students will have fundamental understanding of DevOps value proposition and also gain practical experience working with select DevOps tools.

Target Audience

This course is for anyone involved in enterprise software/product development process, like: Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, IT Operations, Developers, and Team Leads.
Participants should have basic knowledge of software delivery methods and practices.

Course Topics

Introduction to DevOps

What is DevOps?
How DevOps Works?
DevOps reference architecture

Paths to DevOps adoption

Plan and measure
Develop and test
Release and deploy
Monitor and optimize

Adopting DevOps: People and Process

DevOps Technologies, Practices and Tools:

Infrastructure as Code
Delivery pipeline
Development environment
Build stage
Package repository
Test environment
Stage and production environments
Deployment automation
Release management

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