Developing SQL Server Databases

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Developing SQL Server Databases


This training allows you to get familiar with table creation and design, managing indexes, and retrieving details about the database execution plans. This course also focuses on the creation of views, and TSQL programming units such as Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers. Other common aspects of database development, such as concurrency and XML management, are also covered in this course. In this course, each module is reinforced with structured hands-on exercises.


Target Audience: 
This course is mainly intended for Database Administrators, Database Developers, Business Intelligence professionals, QA professionals, Data Analysts, and other roles responsible for developing SQL Server Databases.

– Basic working knowledge with relational databases.
– Basic understanding of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
– Familiarity with the SQL language concepts and syntax

Course Topics

Module 1 – Developing Tables & Indexes:
Data Types, Basic Normalization Rules, Table Design Considerations, Data Integrity, Indexes.

Module 2 – Execution Plans:
Understanding Execution Plans, Different Access Paths, Sort Operations, Merge Join VS. Hash Join VS. Nested Loop, SQL Server Profiler, Tuning Advisor

Module 3 – T-SQL Programming:
Variables, Conditions & Loops, Using Cursors, Error Handling, Using Stored Procedures, Using Functions, T-SQL Triggers

Module 4 – Advanced SQL:
Advanced Subqueries, Analytic Functions, Dynamic SQL, CTE, Merge Statement, Using Temporary Tables

Module 5 – Database Concurrency:
Locking Mechanism, Transaction management, Managing Isolation Levels

Module 6 – Working with XML:
XML Methods, Creating & Populating XML columns, Shredding  XML to a DB RowSet, XML Indexes

Detailed Course Outline
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