Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Services

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Cloud Computing Infrastructure and Services


Cloud Computing is a great promise to organizations of all sizes. Cloud resources can significantly improve the quality of service for enterprise applications while reducing functional and operational costs, and yet Cloud still remains an unfulfilled promise for most businesses.
In this course you’ll learn about cloud deployment, services and infrastructure, and the key considerations in migrating to cloud computing environment. During the course you’ll explore various technologies (compute, storage, networking, desktop, and application virtualization) required to build cloud data center environment. The course also covers backup/recovery, business continuity, security, and cloud management.


Target Audience: 
IT professionals responsible for architecting and managing IT infrastructure who wish to make informed decisions about migrating to cloud

Participants are expected to be experienced in computer systems, operating system, storage, and networking infrastructure

Course Topics

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Classic Data Center (CDC)

Compute and Storage
Object based and Unified storage technologies
Business Continuity
CDC Management

Compute Virtualization

Compute virtualization techniques
Virtual Machines
Resource management techniques
Physical to virtual conversion

Storage virtualization

Virtual Machine Storage
Block level and File level virtualization
Virtual provisioning
Automated storage tiering


VDC networking
VLAN and VSAN technologies
Network traffic management

Desktop and Application

Desktop virtualization
Application virtualization

Business Continuity

Backup in VDC
Replication and migration in VDC

Cloud Computing

Overview of Cloud Computing
Cloud services and deployment models
Cloud Infrastructure and management
Cloud infrastructure and service creation
Cloud service management
Cloud Security

Cloud Migration Considerations

Migration Considerations
Phases of migration to Cloud

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