Cloud Business and Marketing Strategies

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Cloud Business and Marketing Strategies


The Cloud changes the way organizations work. Cloud has already disrupted a long list of industries from media to taxi drivers and it will shape the world we are living in it: health, education, transportation and agriculture are among the industries that are going to change.
These changes happen due to technological shifts we face these days: virtualization that enabled on demand cloud operators; On demand computing lowered the barrier for new enterprises to enter markets; mobile devices increased the usage of internet and created a long list of location based applications; big data solutions enabled us processing huge amounts of data and that enabled new ventures to present new business models based on aggregated insights.

We will present in this course how these changes enables us create new innovative business models, how can we create bigger value to our current customers and create new value to new customers.
The course includes a complete overview of cloud product lifecycle based on the industry best practices: product incubation, pricing, commercial models, funnel design, the launch process, user acquisition, customer retention and up sale.

Note: This course is an overview of the field from the business prospective rather than technical prospective and can be adjusted based on customer needs.


Target Audience:
Senior management, marketing managers, product managers, sales managers, account management, operation management and other managers that should become aware of these issues.

Business understanding of products and services lifecycle. MBA preferred

Course Topics

Day 1 – Cloud Awareness

Entry session to discuss paradigm shifts in the market; understand trends and creating a common ground between course members.

  • Technological shifts that transform businesses
  • What happened to the media market and what can we learn for it
  • The network effect
  • Cloud marketing basics
  • Cloud commercial basics
  • HR needs in cloud environment

Day 2 – Cloud Marketing Strategy

This session will be focused on creating a marketing methodology to launch new cloud based products: Market development of cloud products, product selection criteria and innovation, the launch process and building a viable business.

  • Lowering initial integration cost
  • Value creation
  • Market selection
  • Creating and measuring the funnel
  • Launching a new cloud product
  • Pricing strategies
  • Billing models and solutions
  • Payment collection
  • User acquisition
  • Customer retention
  • Up sale

Day 3 – Cloud Commercial Strategy

This session will focused on the sale process of cloud based products; funnel optimization and tools that are needed to be used in the process.

  • Commercial metrics
  • Commercial models
  • Selling SaaS online
  • Building a killer sales team
  • Optimizing the funnel
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