Building Apps for Future Generations

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Building Apps for Future Generations


The software development has changed drastically, we are now expected to deliver a responsive (to mobile), fast, flawless products that can scale both from perspective of users, and development teams.

For us as managers, this means keeping up with the never ending journey of top technologies so we can lead, and communicate with developers understanding both their pains and their gains.

Target Audience

 Technology Decision makers
 R&D leaders
 Product managers and Project managers in the domain of modern development
 QA and DevOps Leaders

Seminar Topics

Cross Platform

  • Write once, run anywhere?
  • Why JavaScript is becoming an end to end choice for companies?
    (web, mobile, native, desktop, server (node.js))
  • A brave look at the future

Single Page Applications

  • What are Single Page Applications
  • Why they have become the standard for web/mobile applications
  • Frontends, Backends and REST API architecture Yep, the old client-server is back, but is wearing a whole new suit!

Large JavaScript Applications

  • Looking into component based architecture (Angular / React)
  • Looking into TypeScript
  • Understanding the challenge of state (Flux, Redux)
  • Discussing functional programming and how it changes the way we look at problems (ReactiveX)

Responsive Web

  • The new super powers of HTML5 TechnologiesThe role of CSS3 and SASS
  • The Challenge of – make it look great on any device and pixel perfect as in graphical design
  • Concepts and best practices to lead

Scaling up your team

  • Best practices and known issues
  • The Challenge of recruiting
  • How to maintain a winning team
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