Big Data Hands-on: Spark & Scala

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Big Data Hands-on: Spark & Scala


Scala is definitely the hottest programming language in town to Big Data and Highly scale-able systems. Spark is considered by industry experts as “Hadoop v3” is it enables the Hadoop Map-Reduce offer w/ X100 performance boost using tenth of the development effort. This is reason many of the hottest online Big Data firms already chosen this stack for their next generation data platforms.

This is your opportunity to get into the stack, learn about functional programming, API design, Big Data architectures and data analysis. During the sessions we’ll learn to program Scala, install Spark, get familiar w/ relevant RESTful framework and analyze data using Spark and R

Target Audience

This course teaches: Scala basics; RESTful API design for Big Data collection; The fundamentals of Spark architecture, installation, configuration, administration and tools; Advanced Scala topics; Big Data Analysis using Spark and R.

The course designed for CTOs, Architects, Software engineers and Data Architects who want a deep dive into Scala and Spark.

Each day will include a theoretic discussion as well as hands on training. Complementary exercises will be given to traniners


Previous knowledge:
Database management and Programming

Students should have access to a Linux machine either on their computer, as a cloud server or using a computer in the study class.

Course Topics

Topic 1: Scala Basics
Getting to know the language, functional programming and the benefits

Scala REPL
Functions and Transformations
Objects and Traits
Option Type
Collections and functional programming
Pattern Matching

Topic 2: RESTful API Design
How to collect the data using Scala RESTful API frameworks

RESTful API basics: CRUD: Create, Read, Update and Delete
Design Patterns: leveling, versioning and security
RESTful API frameworks and infrastructure: Spray, Play, Finagle and Akka

Topic 3: Collecting and Processing Big Data using Spark
Getting to store and process data with Spark and Scala

Scala Collections and Spark API foundations
Spark Setup Locally
Big Data cluster
Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs)
Key-Value Pairs and Map/Reduce the Spark way
Functions, Transformations, and Actions
RDD Persistence
Testing Scala Spark programs
Loading and cleaning data
Data summaries and reporting

Topic 4: Big Data Analysis
How to analyze data using Spark tools and R

Introduction to Spark SQL
Introduction to algorithms with MLLib and GraphX
Introduction to R and statistical analysis

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