AWS DevOps with Python and boto3

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AWS DevOps with Python and boto3


This workshop is focused on gaining DevOps skills and culture. In this workshop we’ll gain hands on experience w/ AWS core services as well as w/ automating AWS tasks using AWS SDK for Python (Boto3).

At the end of this workshop you will be able to perform the following tasks using scripts you will write:
–Starting instances in single click
–Stopping servers at night to save on budget
–Searching non unused resources such as unallocated elastic IPs, available volumes
–Cleaning S3 repositories


Target Audience:
DevOps, Software development managers, CTO, software architects, system architects, data architects and developers.

Basic programming skills and basic knowledge w/ AWS

Workshop Topics

Introduction to AWS, Cloud and DevOps

  • Cloud vs Hosting
  • Modern software development
  • The DevOps Culture
  • The continuous delivery cycle
  • AWS key services: compute (EC2), storage (S3), Queue (SQS)

Basic Python Programming Skills

  • Variables, strings, and Numbers
  • Lists and Tuples
  • Introducing Functions
  • If Statements
  • While Loops and Input
  • Dictionaries

AWS DevOps Automation with Boto3

  • Boto3 basics: client, resource and waiters
  • Boto3 installation
  • Connectivity using AWS credentials
  • Lab:
    –Creating toolkit to explore AWS exploits and cut costs:
    –Finding unused elastic IPs
    –Finding unused volumes
    –Shutdown servers during weekends
    –Optimizing servers sizes
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