AngularJS Training Program

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AngularJS Training Program


Get up and running with AngularJS – the popular JavaScript framework that have changed the way we develop and structure modern Single-Page Applications today.
This course designed for developers who are new to the AngularJS framework. Students will gain deep understanding and practical knowledge of how to design, develop & code modern JavaScript applications with AngularJS. Participants are expected to have Basic understanding in javaScript, HTML & CSS

Course Topics

Modern front-end development Environment & tools
Introducing to the modern development environment and technologies for front-end developer

JavaScript 2015 (ES6) Primer
Getting familiar with the new syntax, features and concepts of the 2015 version of javaScript

AngularJS overview
Introducing AngularJS core concepts and philosophy through a series of examples and a first simple app.

AngularJS core components, the building blocks
A high-level overview of a typical AngularJS application, including all basic components that compose it

Controllers & scope
In this unit we will gain deep understanding of the Scope concept, behaviors, prototypical inheritance, events and patterns

Working with the view layer
Angular ships with a rich collection of built-in directives. Some of them even override built-in HTML elements. With those we can develop view logic and reusable templates

AngularJS Services and Dependency injection
Deep dive into various types of services that available in Angular. How they integrate with other components and how to use them effectively. Using built-in filters and creating custom filters to format the data we display to the user

Routing the single app application
Angular provides a powerful router to manage our views and navigation. The community has developed an alternative that takes the concept of SPA routing into the State Machine world. In this unit we will explore both of them

Developing Custom Directives
How to develop custom directives that can extend HTML syntax for our specific needs

Server communication
This module is a deep dive into the $http and $resource which are core Angular services that facilitate communication with the remote HTTP servers via the browser’s XMLHttpRequest

Angular Popular Extensions & Next steps
Angular developers community has developed some popular, highly supported plugins and extensions. Few of them has become an essential part of almost every angular application out there today

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