Android Internals

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Android Internals


In this Android Platform development course, you will learn how to build, analyze and customize the world’s most popular mobile operating system – Android.
This Intensive course provides a thorough discussions of everything that makes Android what it is, from its hardware and heart at the Linux kernel, and until the fancy user interfaces that would not exist without layers of a sophisticated embedded Linux/Android userspace masterpiece. As such, the course is intended for engineers who want to know what Android is really all about, rather than writing Apps for the platform.


Target Audience:
Android Builders, Integrators, Device Manufacturers, Security Researchers, Hardware Engineers and Mobile developers who want to take their Android skills to the next level.

The attendees should have one or more of the following:
• Android Development experience
• Embedded Linux development experience
• Significant C/C++ development experience
• Significant Java development experience

• All of the above – in particular Android Development experience
• Working knowledge of Linux command line tools
• Theoretical knowledge of Operating Systems

Course Topics
  • Introduction to build systems, introduction to the AOSP
  • Optional: introduction to X86 build systems (Android-IA , Android-X86)
  • Android Architecture Overview
  • Hardware
  • Android Kernel specifics
  • Android packaging, partition layout, ramdisk, kernel, system.img et. al
  • HAL terminology and usages
  • Native Services and Daemons
  • The Android Runtime: ART (possibly also Dalvik), Java in Android
  • The Android Framework ( Java Services, Native Services)
  • The Android Application Programming Interface Framework (SDK components)
  • Android Compatibility
  • Building the AOSP
  • JNI and NDK
  • How Android Services really works: The Binder
  • How Android Services really works: System Services
  • Android Platform Debugging
  • Android Security
  • Multi-User management in Android
  • Android Bringup and Initialization
  • System Services
  • AOSP walkthrough
  • Android Customization – ROM building workshop:
    • Building a device from scratch for Android emulator / for any VM
    • HAL building templates
    • Building an Android kernel
    • Building an Android kernel (Staging area)

Additional/Optional Themes:
It is possible to elaborate on the following subjects and others, either within the course, or in the scope of separate courses:

  • Advanced HAL building workshop (Optional)
  • Configuring, building, and modifying the Android Kernel (Optional)
  • Advanced Native Programming (Optional)
Detailed Course Outline

Android Internals detailed syllabus

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