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The rapid innovations in Web and Mobile development occur within the Open-source community. Major projects like Linux and Android or Firefox and chrome, and also development tool like python (with its variety of available libraries), empowering small teams with the ability to build complex products in short time, and open a huge gap over those that do not utilize the riches of the Open-source technologies.
There is a critical shortage of experienced software developers in Israel and worldwide, especially in Open-source development environment.

The SuperBootcamp is an intensive 4 weeks training bootcamp that suitable for developers with previous coding experience who wish to master Web development technologies in an Open-source environment.

SuperBootcamp Program Structure
  • Part 0 | Pre-work
  • Part 1 | Python
  • Part 2 | Django
  • Part 3 | JavaScript
  • Part 4 | AngularJS
  • From home, with remote mentoring (6 weeks preceding program)
  • Programming with Python
  • Good introduction to HTML and CSS, including bootstrap CSS
  • Using git and github
  • Using linux and working with a personal VPS
  • Writing and reading regular expressions
  • Working with SQL – intermediate level
  • Final exercise: setting up a personal static website
Week 1 - Python
  • Advanced software development with Python
  • Automated testing and Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Introduction to web technologies: HTTP, consuming REST APIs, simple HTTP servers with and heroku
  • Working with datasets, using ipython notebook and pandas for data visualization
  • Non relational databases with MongoDB
  • Running (your own) Raspberry PI
  • Using git and github in a team – from branching and forking to pull request and merging
Week 2 - Django
  • Brewing web applications: drawing wireframes/mockups, working with trello
  • Using Django (batteries included) to build webapps:
    –  MVC architecture
    –  Relational DBs and ORM
    –  Templates and Class Based Views
    –  Users, authentication and security
  • Automated deployment with fabric/ansible
  • Mini project: web based wedding/event planner
Week 3 - JavaScript
  • JavaScript, including ECMAScript 2015/2016, with functional and object oriented programming
  • Testing with Jasmine
  • Deep understanding of browser technologies and developer tools
  • jQuery: DOM and browser interaction, XHR (AJAX) and client-server communication
  • Consuming JS APIs: Google maps JS API as an example
  • Tooling: node, gulp, babel, less (and maybe jspm)
  • Mini project: build a simple but cool game with advanced JS web APIs and libraries
Week 4 - AngularJS
  • AngularJS
  • Final project: full stack Django + Angular 2 webapp
  • Contributing to open source projects
Detailed Course Outline

SuperBootcamp detailed course outline

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