Angular 2.0 Architecture | 02.03.2017

Speaker: Eyal Vardi, Frontend Expert, Consultant & Entrepreneur.
Eyal is a highly-appreciated contributor to the developers community through lectures, conferences, open house events, blog posts and free tools.

In this meetup Eyal will talk about Angular 2.0 architecture. The session will focus on the main parts of Angular 2.0:

  • Angular Compiler
  • Hierarchical Injector
  • Component Lifecycle Hooks
  • Change Detector
  • Renderer
  • Angular 2.0 & jQuery
  • Dynamic component creation
  • Performance Optimization

Each part will be explained and analyzed. In some cases we will dive into Angular 2.0 source code. Our purpose is to list the Do’s & Don’ts of Angular.
The session is mostly targeted for developers which already have some experience with Angular 2.0.

BITCOIN & Blockchain Technology | 08.03.2017

Speaker: Omer Greisman, IT Audit Team leader @ Bank Hapoalim.
Omer is researching and lecturing on Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies since 2013.

Session Overview:
The Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way we define trust in the digital world. Many will argue that it’s the most significant invention, since the creation of the Internet. Even if you’re new to the Blockchain concept, you might already be familiar with the digital coin (BITCOIN), which brought the Blockchain technology into the world in 2009.

Major organizations worldwide have discovered the huge potential of the Blockchain technology, investing in research & development, and focusing on finding appropriate business use cases that use this technology for transferring digital assets (like: currencies, financial instruments, documents and smart contracts) in a safe, transparent and significantly faster than today.

In this session, Omer will present the Blockchain technology and explain its technical basics, what kind of blockchains are there, and its potential usage in the FinTech industry and beyond.

TDD for the rest of us | 16.03.2017

Speaker: Gil Zilberfeld, Lean-Agile Software Consultant.
Gil is a Unit tester. Agile learner. Speaker. Author of Everyday Unit Testing. Co Organizer of Agile Practitioners.

Session Overview:
Any Agile methodology today will tell you that you have to use TDD to support it. But as it’s considered a developer’s job, many people with other roles don’t get into it. Which is a shame.
TDD is a great tool, not just for creating a better design. From my experience, people outside programming that paired with developers came out with a better understanding of development. The communication level between the team members sky rocketed, and of course, quality benefited – both in terms of early success in finding bugs and implementing features correctly.

In this session, we’ll do some mob programming. We’ll write together as a group tests and code for solving a real Star Wars problem. And we’ll discuss what we’re doing, refine our specs, as well as see what changes in the design tell us.

No need to know how to code (but you can join in if you can). Star Wars knowledge is preferable. The key thing is to understand better what the other side lives. Neither of us is on the Dark Side.

Advanced SQL Techniques | 30.03.2017

Speaker: Ram Kedem, Data & BI Team Leader at PLYmedia.
Ram is a Database expert with over a decade of experience in developing, administering, and architecting database platforms. Ram is very passionate about making a difference through teaching, and nowadays divides his time between teaching different courses and providing technical consultations.

In this meetup Ram will focus on complex SQL queries, and demonstrate advanced “real-world” problems and solutions. As a technical infrastructure, through which different challenges will be explained, this meetup covers subjects such as:

  • Introduction to Complex Scalar Functions
  • Advanced Techniques for Sorting and Filtering Values
  • Working with Analytic Functions
  • Using advanced Group Functions
  • Working with Complex Sub-Queries
  • Using CTE and Recursive CTE

This meetup is based on the book: Advanced SQL – Practical Techniques and Use-Cases by Ram Kedem.